Manufactured Homes

All manufactured homes shall be permitted by Panola County. All manufactured homes require a minimum lot size of one (1) acre,  pad and poured concrete pier foundation, transported and set by a licensed installer.

Manufactured homes shall be no older than 20 years from the date permitted.

Manufactured homes shall be provided a landing and hand rails with the minimum dimensions of three (3) feet by (3) feet at all entrances.

Acceptable proof of age is required.

New wastewater disposal system (SEWER SYSTEM) shall be permitted by the MS State Dept. of Health. Follow this link to file an application Wastewater Application

Existing wastewater disposal systems (SEWER SYSTEM) will be inspected for compliance by Panola County, unless applicant request Dept. of Health inspection.

Documents Needed To Purchase a Permit:
1.  Copy of Property Deed.
2.  Proof of Make, Model, Size.
3.  Check or cash only.

Temporary electrical service (Will NOT) be authorized for manufactured homes.
Permanent electrical service will be authorized upon final inspection.
A certificate of occupancy will be issued after final inspection, this along with a bill of sale will be required to register your manufactured home with the Panola County Tax Assessor

MS Code

Permit fees 

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Inspection Process

Set Up Requirements

Manufactured Home Installers

Licensed Wastewater Installers

Mississippi Uniform Standard Code For Factory-Built Homes