MS State Dept. of Health

The goal of the On-Site Wastewater program is to reduce the potential for the spread of disease through improper treatment and disposal of human waste. Potential contamination of ground and surface waters is both an environmental and public health concern. Proper disposal of wastewater is critical as the population expands in rural areas of our state.

All residential structures that require a new onsite wastewater disposal system (SEWER SYSTEM) shall file a permit application with the MS State Dept. of Health. Follow the link provided:
MS State Dept. Of Health Wastewater Division

Existing wastewater systems (SEWER SYSTEMS) will be inspected for compliance by Panola County, unless the applicant request Dept. of Health inspection.

Wastewater Complaints?
You can enter a complaint about an Individual On-site Wastewater Disposal System through the on-line form: Make a wastewater complaint Or contact the On-Site Wastewater Call Center at 855-220-0192.